Freelancing – What an Education!

This past three-and-a-half weeks has been an education.  There is so much to share.  The most important lesson: if you are a writer and are in school working for a degree – and if you ever think you will need a writing/editing job with a company – go get one now!  I’ve looked at hundreds of jobs over this past three weeks – spending four to six hours a day.  All most all of the positions want up to five years’ experience, and that is with your degree.  A few will take only the experience.  The experience is the important issue.  So, find a part-time freelancing job in the discipline you are writing for; whether you intern, freelance, or go permanent it is important to get the ball rolling and get your experience early on.

Please feel free to ask questions or add to this topic.

 Jobs for Freelancers

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