I moved to the Missouri Ozarks, in 2001, to a little cottage in the Mark Twain National Forest.  I came with my three dogs, two cats, a 24-foot U-Haul, and a dream – to become a writer.  With dedication and hard work, I can say “I made it!” The journey to get here includes passing Long Ridge Writers Group, Breaking Into Print course, a membership into the National Books Critic Circle, and an undergraduate program at Southern New Hampshire University – for which I am still enrolled, and plan to continue through to my master’s degree in creative writing/fiction.  Last year I was invited to join Alpha Sigma Lambda.  This year I was honored by being chosen to join Sigma Alpha Pi’s National Leadership Society.

May 2014 – My latest achievement was being accepted into the Southern New Hampshire University’s Millyard Creative department where I am writing for their Web site Be a Social Entrepreneur for a four-month period, and editing their students’ success stories.

Now that the internship is finished with Southern New Hampshire University, I’m going to further my freelance career through editing and writing both fiction and non-fiction stories.  So, stick around and see what I come up with next.

December 2015 – The bachelor’s is under my belt.  The new journey begins in the master’s program at SNHU in creative writing and English.

Additional Training

UChicago Graham Editing

  • Webinar: The Editor’s Complicated Brain and Intro to Developmental Editing for Fiction
  • Webinar: Developmental Editing for Fiction


Pamme Boutselis – Supervisor at Southern New Hampshire University

“Diane Walters is the rare individual, who has a knack for creative ideas and unbelievably close attention to detail. She’s an excellent writer and editor, and is quite comfortable in providing proactive outreach for valuable source material for her writing.

Diane’s compassion is evident in the words she writes. She not only empathizes with the subjects she writes about, but also provides a fully fleshed portrait so others may connect and relate too.

She is a professional. She understands the importance of deadlines, of adhering to the needs of a client and writes without ego, focused on delivering a finish product that resonates with the reader. She ‘gets’ the value of words, and the way they interact to present the most compelling messaging.

What’s particularly great is that Diane values her ability to write and edit, and never forgets the pleasure it brings to her personally. Quite simply, she loves what she does and it shows.”


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