Be a Social Entrepreneur Articles

These articles are written for my internship at Southern New Hampshire University from April 14, 2014 to August 14, 2014 for their Web site Be a Social Entrepreneur.  Each story is specifically chosen as an example as some of the best and most impressive social entrepreneurs to date.  Each has taken a simple idea and developed it to save lives, pull people out of poverty, or to save our planet.

♥  We Care Solar 

♥  One Man’s Fight to Save Little Girls

♥  The Empowerment Plan

♥  Catching Water in Sand

♥  The Pig Idea

♥  One Who Teaches with Experience

♥  Mike Devlin’s Oasis in the Camden Food Desert

♥  There’s More Growing in Toledo than just Lettuce: Sustainable Local Foods 

 At-Risk Youths: YEAR UP

The “Each One – Teach One” Model: Delancey Street

Tiny Homes for the Homeless – Gregory Kloehn

Solving Poverty? Give Them a HandUp

Landesa – Fighting Poverty Acre by Acre

Oliver Maxwell – Urban Life and the New Buzz

Reza Pourzia – Don’t Waste Another Drop

Lorna Rutto – Creative Treasures Out of Trash

Gregory Dees – Remembering the Father of Social Entrepreneurship

Josh Nesbits’ Medic Mobile


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