EDITING – A Writer’s Shadow

I am a writer’s shadow.  As a shadow, I know that in fiction the author has the final say. The most important part of the writing process is to maintain the author’s voice and style at all times. So, I might tell you what corrections need to be made or give advice about how to bring more clarity to the content or show you how to bring more life to your characters, but these are merely suggestions.  I am  here to shadow your words not to change your story.

In technical writing or nonfiction, the most important aspect of editing is to follow the rules of the author/company or of the stylebook they use.  The point here is to produce a clean copy that will bring clarity and enlightenment to the work with language that is easily understood.

I also know, as a writer, how hard it is to gain enough confidence to put your words on the page.  That is why I try to explain the grammar and punctuation changes.  You will learn why the changes are suggested.  This will give you mastery over the language, style, and formatting. You’ll know why words put together a certain way will work, and when those same words put down a different way won’t work.  You will have control.  And, there is nothing better a publisher loves than working with someone who is in control, knows what he or she is doing, and presents a perfect (or near perfect) manuscript.  People with these skills are those who get picked up first by editors and publishing houses.

Please feel free to contact me for questions.


Examples (More to come)


Pieces by Donald Stidham

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4 thoughts on “EDITING – A Writer’s Shadow

  1. Diana is a wonderful editor and she will work with the writer hand by hand understanding the needs of the authors. When she does the grammatical corrections, she didn’t alter the meaning of your idea and if she thing that something need a mayor change, she will explain the reason with the author and she will wait for he/her approval. Diane has a great knowledge of grammar and styles. She corrected some of my short fiction in the past and all of them are already published. I highly recommend her if you want a quality job for your projects.


    • I didn’t know they were published. 🙂 That’s great news! Thank you for the wonderful review, Efrain. You were great to work with.


  2. 2-22-19 From Donald Stidham

    I have to take a second to tell you AGAIN how much I enjoy the editing process with you. I’m about halfway through and will try hard to get it done this weekend if the kids give me a break 🙂

    This is me, while reading your comments: “Oh, that does sound better like that”, “Why didn’t I think of that”, “Yes!”

    This whole process is good for me. I honestly know that you’re a great part in making the story better in every way possible.


    • Thank you, Donnie!

      I saw from the beginning a spark of creativity in you that could not be ignored. Over the years, that spark has turned into a beautiful flame, and I am certain that in the years to come, you will be burning up the pages with magical prose. You’ve been a joy to work with!


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