I hope you enjoy these writing selections.  Be a Social Entrepreneur was a Web site by Southern New Hampshire University showcasing the special people around the world who devote their time, talent, and ingenuity to saving lives and making this world a better place to live in.  The Penmen Review Profile shares short interviews with authors in all genres.  Walters’ Holler is a wildlife feature of my life in the Missouri Ozarks.  And, the Unpublished Works section will be filled with articles not yet published.

I write for a variety of styles: fiction, nonfiction, ad copy, Web pages, and business copy.

My general rate is $25.00 an hour.  I’d be happy to discuss any project you have in mind.

♥  Be a Social Entrepreneur

♥  Freelancing – What an Education!

♥   It’s all about the pen, baby!

♥  Jobs for Freelancers

♥  Published Articles

 Aladdin on Broadway!  What a trip!

♥  Aladdin

♥   Consumer Reports Speaks Up About Hearing Loss

♥  Courage, Happiness, and Resilience

♥  It’s a Good Day to Be a Writer

♥  lessersound™ Creates the “Color of Sound™” for H-I-P and H-A-R-P

♥  Penmen Review  Author Spotlight

♥  The Penmen Review

♥  Who Invented Whoopie Pies

♥  Unpublished Works

               ♥  Lessersound and the Power of Woof – Nonfiction

               ♥  Aladdin – A Broadway Dream Come True – Fiction

              ♥  Tremora’s Young Michael Interview of Author Bill Westwood – Fiction

              ♥   My First Fiction Story – Charlie

♥  Humanitarian Water Air Food Awards – WAFA

♥  Walters’ Holler


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