Caucasia by Danzy Senna

A private language spoken between two sisters binds their hearts forever, creating a world only they can enter and explore. Birdie adores her older sister, wants to be like her in every way. There is one thing stopping her—her color. She is lighter in color than her sister, Chloe, who looks like her father: tall in stature and a mid-shade of black; he’s an intellectual focused on little else than writing his book on the meaning of race in America.  Birdie Lee’s color leans towards the middle but more on her mother’s side: a white woman with fair skin and blonde hair who tended to be a bit heavy, back when the family was together.

It was Boston, the turbulent 70’s, and all that was together was now in pieces. Her mother was involved in some dangerous business and had the feds after her.  They had to run.  The only thing to do was to split up the family: Chloe and her father off to Brazil; Birdie and her mother, to New Hampshire.  A divide leading Birdie into a white world—ever lost; yet, the memory of her secret language drives her to find her sister, to find herself.



All information below is for today’s date: January 25, 2016. is king of the national job search sites.  Today, nationwide, there are 3,368,867 jobs posted.  You can search by state, remote, freelance, home based, and I’m sure there is more content that I haven’t discovered yet.  You can search by pay range, location, or job type – such as full-time, etc.  For example, today’s listing for writers, nationwide:

Total jobs: 19950

Salary Estimate


more »


more »

Job Type

And for editors nationwide there are 9,962 positions:

Salary Estimate


more »


more »

Job Type

Credit for the above figures:

At the bottom of every page are these helpful choices:

Jobs – Salaries – Trends – Forums – Browse Jobs – Tools – API – About – Help Center



The Trends section is especially eye opening for we writers and editors.

The writers’ trends “absolute” graph showed a sharp spike of 0.3 percent of matching job postings on January 10th and now appears to have fallen into a pit.  It seems jobs are filling up with new employees.  The “relative” graph shows the daily growth of the site for writers.

The editors’ trends for the “absolute” and “relative” graphs seems to be almost the same information as the writers.

On the upper left of the Trends page, you can search these job trends “per capita”, “job market competition,” and “industry employment trends.”

I’m not a great reader of graphs.  So, if someone has another interpretation, please let me know.



After slogging through weeks of low-paying job listings, this was really shocking.  I need to spend more time looking through these choices.  Oddly, I have not come up with any jobs that even remotely match these figures; so more investigation needs to be done.

Today, January 25, 2016, the top of the salary range for writers is $123,000 for medical writers.  The lowest is combat documentation specialist writers at $11,000.  There are a total of fifteen categories that are worth a look:

Today, for the editors’ salary, the top choice is Senior User Designer Developer at $109,000.  The lowest position here is for a TV Diary Writer for $11,000.  Take a look at the full fifteen choices:

Overall, a person could spend all day at Indeed looking over the choices.  I’ve spent countless hours.  The only thing I don’t like is that there is no way to get rid of the jobs you’ve looked at.  If there is, I haven’t found it yet.

I believe that there is more to be discovered with the site.  It is a great educational tool for writers and editors to make their choices about their careers early on.

If you know more tricks or have comments, please do say something.

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