In exchange for a review, I will offer a one-time edit of 1,500 words: double-spaced copy with one-inch margins. In this, you will get explanations of grammar, punctuation, and some developmental points if needed.


On the review page, we can link back to your article if it is on your site and is not going to be published somewhere that requires first rights. This will help the SEO ratings for your site.


There are no rush jobs. I don’t hurry. A well-edited piece takes as long as it takes.


 Please leave them in the comments/leave a reply section with your name and e-mail.





  1. Hi, there. I am Raj the author of a book titled Excellence. To my joy I found an editor that was awesome and affordable. I searched for someone for quite awhile until Diane volunteered to help me. What I like the most about her style is that she understood what I was trying to convey in my sentences, paragraphs, and scenes. She understood the emotion, the thoughts, and the imagery. So, when she added the necessary grammatical corrections, what I was trying to say was now obvious and in full light. I appreciated that so much. She is also a great teacher. I learned a lot of grammar lessons when fixing the mistakes she highlighted. Something else that is important is that she is thorough, dedicated, and will make your work polished to the point where it will gain you the respect of your readers. She can do fiction or non-fiction. What impressed me about her, as well, is that she is very knowledgeable about many styles of writing, both fiction and non-fiction. She is familiar with the greats like Faulkner and Shakespeare, so she has a deep understanding of literature that makes her advice on your writing very trustworthy. She tells the truth without being harsh, and is also your cheerleader. She wants your novel or essay the best it can be. Her name is on the line with anything she edits, so you can count on her to give you one-hundred percent. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a writing project. Especially if you want to get it publishable ready. 🙂

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