EDITING ~ Completed Works

Wise Owl

The Wise Owl by Cornelis Bloemaert (Dutch, 1603-1684)
Caption reads: “What good is candle or glasses when the owl does not wish to see.”
Accessed from: Wikimedia Commons – Uil met bril en boeken

The works published below may not represent the suggestions I had made on the manuscripts. Try as one may, ultimately it is up to the authors to what changes are made in their works. 


♦ – EXCELLENCE by Raj Davis

♦ – Mermaid Adventures—Battle of the Trenchcoats (Children’s Book) by Donald Stidham

♦ – Mermaid Adventures—Captain Pointy Teeth’s Revenge (Children’s Book) by Donald Stidham

– The Evolutionary Tarot by Richard Hartnett, H.W., M.

♦ – The Timkers by WR Vaughn

In Progress

♦ – Blue by Raj Davis

♦ – Pieces by Donald Stidham

♦ – The New Old Gods by Richard Hartnett



♦ – BrickRed Systems www.brickredsystems.com (website edit)

♦ImpetusComplimentary Guide to Authentic Online and Live Customer Advisory Boards



♦ – Wayne Lewis Lesser, Wayne’s World, Wayne’s Words

♦ – “Good Wife — Bad Wife” by Raj Davis

♦ – Clubbing441 Promotional Flyer Edit




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